Product Review: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner


I’m perennially on a quest to find the perfect black eyeliner – you know the one: easy to apply, doesn’t go patchy or flaky after a couple of hours, black enough to make the required dramatic impact. I know I’m not alone in this, so thought I’d write up what I’ve been slapping on recently.

I’ve been using this Revlon one for a few months now and as much as I like it, I know it’s not the absolute one, the search will continue! This is a good, affordable, option for everyday though,  with much to recommend it. The applicator can be a little tricky, depending on how steady your hands are. I find the quality of my application varies day to day; I’m usually ok but if I make the mistake of trying to rush it ends up smudged all over the place or the lines just don’t match up. Certainly pen-style applicators are easier to use although I find them usually a bit weak in the colour dept.

My favourite thing is the consistency and depth of colour of the liner itself – a really rich black, gives a great retro feel to cats eye flicks. I’m going to switch it up next time I’m buying eyeliner – any recommendations, please leave them in the comments!



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