Healthy: Green Smoothie 30 Day Challenge

I’m on a mission for more energy. Work is super hectic at the minute and sometimes I get to the weekend and just collapse in a heap, instead of really enjoying it. I’ve been taking Berocca vitamins (mix of B12 and Vit C), which has helped but I’ve decided to step it up by having a smoothie every day in the morning and seeing if that helps as well.

There’s an awful lot of articles and online chat about raw food and green smoothies, it can be really confusing. At the minute, I’m not sticking to any particular recipe every day, just throwing a bunch of fruit and veg together. Today’s consisted of: spinach, blueberries, banana and parsley. I’ve got spirulina as well, which I’ll probably add tomorrow but bear in mind it’s got a very strong, not altogether pleasant flavour and some people can’t stomach it at all.

So, day one! I’ll report back with progress this time next week! xxx



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